An Erotic Fairy Tale for Your Summer Solstice

Sleeping-Beauty I'm deep-deep-deep in the writing-writing-writing of my memoir, but I wanted to let you know I'm still thinking about you and wanted you to enjoy some fun writing I did a few months ago. Women, Action & The Media asked me to contribute something for their benefit auction. I decided that for the highest bidder, I'd pornographize their favorite fairy tale and cast them in whatever roles they liked. Well, a lovely lesbo couple took the high bid, and asked me to re-write The Tale of The Sleeping Beauty. I spent some time speaking with the winning bidder—she wanted the story as an anniversary present for her partner. This was back in April, and I've heard that both Rachel and Tania enjoyed the story a great deal. So, here it is in PDF format, ready to download for your summer reading enjoyment. 

Download The Tale Of The Sleeping Beauty

kiss kiss and Happy Summer Solstice

Auntie Kate


  1. This is awesome! I should read more things that make me giggle and get hot in equal proportions. Especially if they end with the universal demise of badness. <3

  2. Sorry I come so this so late… but if you like erotic fairy tale fiction, you should read A.N. Roquelaire’s 3 volume novel of the Tale of Sleepinjg Beauty. (A.N. Roquelaire is Ann Rice, the Vampire writer.) This was published sometime in the 80’s. Total BDSM !

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