A Queer and Pleasant Danger — any minute now!

QPDcoverMy memoir hits the shelves on Tuesday, May 1st, and I am SO DARNED EXCITED FOR YOU TO READ THIS BOOK! Before I sat down to write the first draft, I got myself a tattoo on the back of my left hand. It says "I must not tell lies." So, A Queer and Pleasant Danger is the truth of me. It's not theory or stagecraft, it's just me. The book is dedicated to my daughter and grandchildren—all of whom are currently members in good standing of the Church of Scientology. Since I've been excommunicated from that cult/religion, no one who's a Scientologist in good standing with the established church is allowed to speak with me.

So, that makes this book the biggest truth of me I've ever written—in hopes that my daughter and grandchildren may one day break free and have a look. But you can read it, too. If you're reading this blog, you're interested in me and/or my work, and for that I'm grateful. Well, this memoir will give you a better look at the roots of all my academic and political words. I hope it makes you laugh. And I 'm sorry—really I am—but parts of the story will likely make you cry. I try to make up for that with pages that leave you gasping out loud.

Thank you for reading me. You can buy the book NOW from from: your friendly local Independent Bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Powells.

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"A Queer and Pleasant Danger is a brave, funny, edgy, and enlightening new memoir. I loved it and learned from it. Kate Bornstein shares her fascinating journey—through gender, Scientology, and more—and it was a thrill to tag along on the ride. This book is unbelievably powerful and affecting. If Kate Bornstein didn't exist, we would have to invent her. But luckily for queers, straights, gender outlaws, and general readers, Bornstein is out and out there."

— Dan Savage, author, columnist, and architect of the "It Gets Better Project" 

“I read A Queer and Pleasant Danger over four nights in a bathtub and bed and was totally transported to Kate Bornstein’s world. Kate boldly lets us look under the hood of her own transformations as Jew, Scientologist, boy, girl, Buddhist and parent, leaving us with a richer understanding of the true identity underneath: human. A Queer and Pleasant Danger is a page turner, making sweet love to the paradoxes we all face."

— Amanda Palmer, musician and co-founder of The Dresden Dolls

"To me, Kate Bornstein is like a mythological figure or a historical literary character such as Orlando or Candide who, by illustrating her struggles, shows the rest of us how to live. This book is destined to become a classic."

— Mx Justin Vivian Bond, author of Tango: My Childhood, Backwards and in High Heels 

"Kate Bornstein's journey from moon-eyed Scientologist to queer icon is harrowing, heartbreaking, and amazing. This narrative is surely not for the squeamish. And yet, in the story of a sea-dog named Al who became a trans goddess named Kate, we see the messy, unsettling, inspiring struggle of a lady trying—and at last succeeding—to let her own soul be known. Disturbing and wondrous."

Jennifer Finney Boylan, author of She's Not There and I'm Looking Through You 


So, it's exciting! And, one more time: you can buy the book NOW from from: your friendly local Independent Bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Powells.

Contact Beacon Press for a review copy, or to arrange an interview with YOU and ME! 

The Great “Gender Outlaws TNG” Blog Tour

Gender Outlaws Book Cover  I'm going out on tour, and I'm not leaving the comfort of my writing chair. You can come along too!

The reviews are coming in on Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation: one a day for the next nine days. Seal Press is the publisher of the new anthology. Their slogan is Groundbreaking Books, By Women, For Women. Well, they're stretching that slogan all out of shape. They came up with the fun idea to arrange for a tour of reviews from nine different corners of the feminist/trans/trans-friendly/and genderqueer blogosphere.

I've already had a chance to read the first posted review today. It's by Everett Maroon, and it's up on I Fry Mine in Butter. No puff journalism, this. It's a wonderful essay. I've posted a comment to the blog, and I hope to read and comment on each of the reviews as they're posted. 

(Oh! I'm enjoying this almost as much as I enjoyed working with S. Bear Bergman and Seal Press to put this anthology together in the first place!)

So, here's the rest of the schedule. Enjoy the perspectives!

We take the weekend off, and continue the following Monday.

and we close our blogging tour of GO The Next Generation with…


  • Friday, 10/8 – Mr. Sinclair Sexsmith posting on SugarButch!

I'll be tweeting each stop on the tour as it goes up. So… enjoy the next couple of weeks of binary-blowing gendernalysis. And please do join in the conversation along your way with comments on each of the reviews, and right here if you like. I am SO all aquiver!

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Auntie K

The Outlaws Are Coming! The Outlaws Are Coming!

GOTNG Illustrations Only
Dear Heart,

Thank you for your continued or new interest in my work. 

For the past fifteen years, I've been touring college campuses, conferences, and rallies with pieces that have focused primarily on deconstructing sex and gender binaries—and more recently, I’ve added suggestions on how to stay alive once you've done that. I’m adding layers of social justice, coalition-building, and laying open the very real heart connection that can be found in putting queer theory into practice.

With the publication of Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation (co-edited with S. Bear Bergman), up-to-date information on the ever-changing state of gender is yours to study, experience, and have fun with… right now! I understand that this isn't necessarily good news for everyone. It's hard to be the new kid in the clubhouse. What's more, the presence of new identities within a group puts a strain on the group's values and definitions. Oh, what to do!?

By combining what I've learned through writing Hello, Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks, and other Outlaws with what I've learned from all the amazing contributors to Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation, I've been able to come up with a perspective and point of view that fosters inclusion over exclusivity, trust over suspicion, and compassion over bullying. 

To that end, I've put together an all-new touring catalogue for 2010-2011, which includes several new lectures and talks, including my shiny new workshop, The Outlaws Are Coming! The Outlaws Are Coming! with which I hope to co-create with you a safer space for you and other teens, freaks, and other outlaws.You can peruse the PDF right here, right now: 

Download KB_Tour_Catalogue_2010-11.

That's my work these days. That's what I'd like to help you with on your campus, at your conference, in your town, business, or place of worship. I hope to see you soon. 

With love & respect, Kate

Gender And Sex Positive Talent Agency Open 4 Biz, Needs a Name.

Contest alert!! 
Name the new LGBTQ etc booking agency! 

Wouldn't you just love to work with this woman to book your next campus, conference, or corporate queer talent? 

More and more LGBTQ etc. artists, theorists, film-makers, performers, and lecturers are criss-crossing the globe with their cutting edge sex and gender positive work. For years, there's been no central booking agency for this work. That changes now: there's about to be one place where you can book a full rainbow of Talent: performers, authors, sex educators, activists, comedians, musicians, dancers, and more. We're not exactly a collective, but we're all working together to help get this project off the ground. 
The woman heading this up is Seraphin (pictured here)—she's been booking talent for MTV, but she thinks we're a lot more fun! 
Seraphin is putting a database together from all our contacts. She's also working on the website as I'm writing this. But we can't open the website WITHOUT A NAME?!

In the meantime, though… the agency is open for business! In the spirit of tribe, we promise to keep all our booking fees fair. None of the speakers or performers will be upping our fees to pay the agency a commission. We want all of us: the agency, you as producer, and us as talent—to do well in bringing queer talent out into the wide, wide world. The aim of the agency is to make it possible for anyone to find great affordable queer talent for their campus, company, theater, or conference.

The new agency is opening with these clients: Kate Bornstein, Barbara Carrellas, S. Bear Bergman, Midori, and Dr. Ducky Doolittle. But this is so just the beginning. The as-yet un-named agency is expecting to represent more and more talent over the next few months. If you want your act represented, please email Seraphin at and she'll talk over agency terms with you.

And if you want to book any of us, you can contact Seraphin with a click of the button. The agency already has it's own Twitter account: twitter.com/LGBTQ Bookings. And yes, it includes a LOT more than simply LGBTQ. As an agency, we aim to include any talent who's sex and gender positive.

Please send us your ideas for the agency name. We want the name to be inclusive of ALL folks whose work is located on the matrix of sex positivity and gender anarchy. Make it sassy! Make it surreal! Make it sweet or serious or sensational. We can't wait to hear what your furry li'l imaginations come up with!

Over the next week, please send us your ideas either via Twitter or by commenting on this blog, or both. Enter as often as you like. We're working out prizes, and we'll be announcing them in a day or two. 

Hurry! It's SO HARD TO LIVE WITHOUT A NAME! The entry deadline is April 29, 2009 and the winner will be announced May 1st, 2009 (which just happens to be my 23rd girl birthday!!!) Get your entries in fast!

This is an exciting development in the queer world, and I'm pleased and proud to be part of it. Please join on in.

kiss kiss


Queer Artists In Search of An Experienced Agent

Exec_1_2 Exec_2PLEASE NOTE: This is a serious opportunity to start up a successful business booking queer talent. For those interested in the history of LGBT booking agencies, a footnote follows the job qualifications at the end of this post.

There’s a stable of over 70 LGBT and Q artists searching for a booking agent who’s got experience booking speakers and performers onto college, university, and high school campuses. More of us are also interested in corporate bookings. Since 2007, there has been no booking agency dedicated to booking exclusively LGBTQ talent.

I’ve spoken with a number of queer touring artists who agree with me. We’re interested in serious inquiries only please, from experienced professional sales people with the following qualifications.

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Grudge 2, a Deliciously Horrifying Vision of Intersecting Oppressions (with a bonus short horror film by me!)

Grudge_2Last night was Fright Night with a couple of friends and colleagues of mine, Felicia Luna Lemus, and T Cooper. I’m a fan of both their writing, which is compelling, edgy and completely charming—each in its own way. Well, last night I went over to their place for a late night Fright Night.

We watched Grudge 2. The writing, design, and directing pure noir manga, and not without its soft core pervy side—cute manga girls in school uniforms. With mini-skirts. Well, there are plenty of them in the movie. Be still, my heart. Along with The Grudge, it makes for a great double feature.

The title creature—be it grudge, curse, or ghost—is a new, scary archetype for Western audiences unschooled in Japanese horror imagery. He/she/it/they appear(s) as several ages, genders, generations, races, and species—shape-shifting into and out of any number of people’s bodies… their own, or the bodies of their victims. You never know if one of them is sitting right next to you, right now.

That’s what’s scary. And that’s what scares people about anyone who’s an outlaw that can pass for normal. People think we’re going to hurt them because, hey, that’s what ya see in the movies. So, even when our intentions are kind and honorable, the idea that outlaws can pass scares the poop outta people.

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Get Out the Vote for the Good Guys!

FofitunescoverThese guys are Feast of Fools, a podcast. They are SO funny and SO fun and SO inclusive of radical sex or gender outlaws of any kind, and SO NOT MEAN TO ANYONE and they’re lovely and hardworking and talented and if you listen to podcasts, add this to your list, and if you like what you hear, please VOTE FOR THESE GUYS. Feast of Fools Podcast has been nominated for not one but TWO People’s Choice Podcast awards

1- People’s Choice (the top category)

I could burst, I’m so proud of them. They’re good boys and I’m glad they’re getting recognized for their excellent work in making more safe spaces for queer people. If you agree, then please do vote once a day, every day at: www.podcastawards.com.
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The Voice Lesson

KbmicHere’s a fun piece I do, called "The Voice Lesson." It’s the story of how I learned to "talk like a woman" when I first went through my gendah change. It’s a trans-positive, feminist funny take on how women are expected to talk in our cultcha.

This is a slide show, with full audio. I’ve posted the video on my MySpace site. Wanna see? Click right here. xoxo Kate