That Was Zen, This Is Tao

Jehovah scares meI totally didn't make up the title of this post. I don't know who did, but yay to whoever that was. I've been home for almost a week now… with the freakin' flu! It's not swine flu as far as I can tell. Friends on Twitter know that I suspect I've fallen victim to pug flu. But it's nasty. Life is a whole lot of ouch. And my brain is mush, so I can't write very well. Hence, the stolen title for this blog. Again… thank you, whoever you are who came up with that line.

I've just come off my last round of this year's touring season. Over the last two months, I've spoken at several religious gatherings, and leadership conferences. I'm not all that good at being a leader, and I mostly resent being led. As to religion, I haven't yet found one that welcomes me completely… well, other than Bokononism, and the cosmology of the Seven Endless (who make up the tattoo sleeve on my left arm). But I wasn't speaking with Bokononists, and I wasn't at a comics con with a group of people who can get into Neil Gaiman's notion of beings upwards of the gods and goddesses. I was keynoting the 13th Annual Conference of NUJLS, The National Union of Jewish LGBT Students, and the 3rd Annual Transgender Religious Summit. What was I supposed to say?

To my great relief, I found some truly interesting angles on both religion and leadership. I can't sum it up for you. Like I said, my brain is mush right now. BUT, I can give you the notes for my talks. And if you click right here, that's what you'll have.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, if I only had a brain. 'til then…

kiss, kiss


Oh Boy! Pope Benedict Curses Postmodern Gender Theory!


With only moments left til the beginning of 2009, I was really worried that postmodern gender theorists would once again go un-noticed, ignored and un-condemned by His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI. (Note… NOT Benedict XX or XY, but XVI… imagine that!) 

Well, thank goodness, PBXVI came to his senses. On December 23rd, he has actually condemned postmodern gender theory in his end-of-the-year speech. Why is His Holiness so concerned? 

According to an article in The Australian

[Gender theory] blurs the distinction between male and female and could thus lead to the "self-destruction" of the human race.

Hey! That's what I've been saying all along! Wheeeeee! But wait, there's more:

When the Roman Catholic Church defends God's Creation, "it does not only defend the earth, water and the air … but (it) also protects man from his own destruction.''

Oh. My. God! The entire Roman Catholic Church is defending man [sic] from me and mine! I feel so… vindicated! 'tis the season to be JOLLY!

extra special holiday kisses,


Whoops…. I’m Healthy!

My friend, Helen Boyd just now pointed out the embarrassing fact that I’ve not posted a follow-up blog to the announcement of my surgery this past summer and some people are worried about me. SORRY! I’M JUST FINE! See, this is a picture of sassy, healthy me! (photo by Jamie Ann, a new friend of mine in Minneapolis.)Kb_by_jamie_ann_2

The surgery went GREAT! My surgeon calls me his poster girl for success. Honest, he said that right in his crowded waiting room. I love my surgeon. He embraced the New Age affirmations I got from the book, Prepare For Surgery, Heal Faster. He credits the book for my fast, successful recovery. He’s even recommending it to other patients now (the ones he thinks can deal with it).

The hospital staff, doctors, nurses, physician assistants, everyone at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York—with one or two inevitable exceptions (shit happens)—were kind to me. I gave out about two dozen copies of the (downloadable) comic book I’d prepared ahead of time, and it made people laugh.

Beth Israel Medical Center has a policy to give trannies a private room for post-surgical care. After I got over my paranoia of ghettoization, I begrudgingly enjoyed my at-no-extra-charge private room!

I’m eating well now… anything I want to eat!! No more worries about food restrictions. And my energy level is nearly back to FULL. So, I’m sorry I didn’t post this earlier. I’m doing fine. Thank you to everyone who’s been concerned.



Healing Time News — With a Free Bonus Comic!

Dear Reader of This Grossly Intermittent Blog,

Hey there. I’m writing to say I’m going into hospital on Thursday, June 12th for some abdominal (abominable?) surgery. I’ll be in hospital for just under a week, then pretty much housebound for 3 more weeks, is what the docs say.

Read the next paragraph (in italic type) if you want the somewhat gory details. For the more faint of heart, please skip this next paragraph cuz it’s major league icky! If all you want is the free bonus comic, skip all the way down to the bottom of this post.

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Roll Your Body Like Sister Kate

Yamuna_2I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER THESE DAYS! I’m just now finishing week one, free of pain and free of narcotic painkillers. My great doctor at the Callen-Lorde Community Health Center (The GLBTQ health clinic in New York City) has put me on a terrific regimen of meds, and now I’m free to get my body into better shape, and that brought me to Yamuna Body Rolling. That’s Yamuna in the picture to the left, holding the red ball.

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Saturn Return. Whoopee, I’m on my 2nd One!

SaturnreturntowerYour Saturn Return is when Saturn returns to the same position in the sky as when you were born. Saturn takes roughly 29-30 years to make one full orbit around the sun, so Saturn returns every 29-30 years.
I turned 58 this past March, 2006. That puts me square in the middle of my second Saturn return. If you’re 27 to 31 years old then you’re going through your first Saturn Return.

According to the scientifically dubious but nonetheless scarily accurate field of astrology, the planet Saturn effects us in terms of values, identities, and life direction. In your Saturn Return, there’s generally a series of deep, profound changes in your life, usually in areas of your life that you’ve been avoiding looking at.

So how do you ride out your Saturn Return? Do you or can you prepare for it? Even if you don’t believe word one of astrology, there’s gonna come a time of BIG UPHEAVAL in your life. How’re you going to deal with it?

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