Queer Artists In Search of An Experienced Agent

Exec_1_2 Exec_2PLEASE NOTE: This is a serious opportunity to start up a successful business booking queer talent. For those interested in the history of LGBT booking agencies, a footnote follows the job qualifications at the end of this post.

There’s a stable of over 70 LGBT and Q artists searching for a booking agent who’s got experience booking speakers and performers onto college, university, and high school campuses. More of us are also interested in corporate bookings. Since 2007, there has been no booking agency dedicated to booking exclusively LGBTQ talent.

I’ve spoken with a number of queer touring artists who agree with me. We’re interested in serious inquiries only please, from experienced professional sales people with the following qualifications.

— You’re an experienced and skilled telephone sales person. You know how to prospect, and you know how to close sales of services. Preferably, you’re experienced representing queer acts.

— You’re know how to write promotional copy, you can lay out a basic brochure, and you’ve got basic web and blog management skills.

— You’re skilled in financial transactions. You can both write and negotiate contracts for touring artists. You’re familiar with State and Federal tax law requirements as they apply to artists, agents, and booking venues.

— You’ve got excellent organizational skills, and you’re familiar with database management as it applies to sales of services.

— You’re familiar and comfortable with a variety of internet social networking websites.

— You’re friendly, professional, articulate, and outgoing. You’re up to date on LGBTQ politics. You’re sex positive and you embrace gender variance.

— You’re honest, generous, and trustworthy. You’re as motivated by LGBTQ politics as you are by profit. You care about people whose identities begin with more than just L & G.

— You’re a highly motivated detail-oriented self-starter.

Any qualified takers? Do you know anyone who might be qualified and interested? Does this sounds like you, or someone you know? If so, please leave a comment to this post, and I’ll get in touch with you. We can discuss possibilities. Resume and references required.

There are plenty of queer touring artists who need a booking agent, and I’m looking forward to working with that booking agent, and I’m certainly not the only queer who is.




  1. Loren Krywanczyk

    Dear Kate,
    Helen Boyd passed along this post, suggesting that I contact you.
    I met you three years ago when you performed at Yale and I worked as an Administrative Associate for the Larry Kramer Initiative for Lesbian and Gay Studies there. I have since moved to New York City. I love your work, am irreversibly invested in LGBTQ art and justice, and I’m very interested in the prospect of being your agent.
    If you are still looking for someone, I would love to talk with you. My email address is Krywanczyk@gmail.com, and my phone number is 802-578-9306.
    Loren Krywanczyk

  2. I needed a good agent when I was straight! I double need one now that I’m Genderqueer and 50!

  3. Might I suggest a corporate co -coperative model with an mls booking agent format.

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