Gender And Sex Positive Talent Agency Open 4 Biz, Needs a Name.

Contest alert!! 
Name the new LGBTQ etc booking agency! 

Wouldn't you just love to work with this woman to book your next campus, conference, or corporate queer talent? 

More and more LGBTQ etc. artists, theorists, film-makers, performers, and lecturers are criss-crossing the globe with their cutting edge sex and gender positive work. For years, there's been no central booking agency for this work. That changes now: there's about to be one place where you can book a full rainbow of Talent: performers, authors, sex educators, activists, comedians, musicians, dancers, and more. We're not exactly a collective, but we're all working together to help get this project off the ground. 
The woman heading this up is Seraphin (pictured here)—she's been booking talent for MTV, but she thinks we're a lot more fun! 
Seraphin is putting a database together from all our contacts. She's also working on the website as I'm writing this. But we can't open the website WITHOUT A NAME?!

In the meantime, though… the agency is open for business! In the spirit of tribe, we promise to keep all our booking fees fair. None of the speakers or performers will be upping our fees to pay the agency a commission. We want all of us: the agency, you as producer, and us as talent—to do well in bringing queer talent out into the wide, wide world. The aim of the agency is to make it possible for anyone to find great affordable queer talent for their campus, company, theater, or conference.

The new agency is opening with these clients: Kate Bornstein, Barbara Carrellas, S. Bear Bergman, Midori, and Dr. Ducky Doolittle. But this is so just the beginning. The as-yet un-named agency is expecting to represent more and more talent over the next few months. If you want your act represented, please email Seraphin at and she'll talk over agency terms with you.

And if you want to book any of us, you can contact Seraphin with a click of the button. The agency already has it's own Twitter account: Bookings. And yes, it includes a LOT more than simply LGBTQ. As an agency, we aim to include any talent who's sex and gender positive.

Please send us your ideas for the agency name. We want the name to be inclusive of ALL folks whose work is located on the matrix of sex positivity and gender anarchy. Make it sassy! Make it surreal! Make it sweet or serious or sensational. We can't wait to hear what your furry li'l imaginations come up with!

Over the next week, please send us your ideas either via Twitter or by commenting on this blog, or both. Enter as often as you like. We're working out prizes, and we'll be announcing them in a day or two. 

Hurry! It's SO HARD TO LIVE WITHOUT A NAME! The entry deadline is April 29, 2009 and the winner will be announced May 1st, 2009 (which just happens to be my 23rd girl birthday!!!) Get your entries in fast!

This is an exciting development in the queer world, and I'm pleased and proud to be part of it. Please join on in.

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  1. Possible names:
    You Name It
    All That

    doesnt appear to be a valid account yet.

  3. Possible Names:
    Talent Rainbow
    Rainbow Talent
    Let’s Get Bouncy Talent
    Phabulous Acting Inc

  4. How about
    Q Talent
    Kew Talent

  5. Spectrum Talent
    Because they cover the full spectrum of talent (LBGTQETC) and it isn’t cliche.

  6. Fun Talent
    Walk the Edge and Dance
    Call Me Names Bookings
    Dancing on The Edge Talent

  7. Full Spectrum Talent-You’d need a good tagline to zing it up, like “Queer Up Your Event”
    Out of Bounds Talent

  8. maybe something using the word outspoke … definition:
    🙂 It’s a cool word.
    btw your Twitter link above led me to a page that says “this page does not exist on Twitter.”

  9. “The Talent Q”
    Show me your Q!
    Eat My Q!
    Take It to the Streets
    “Superior Spectrum Productions”

  10. Hmm, yeah… Following a theme here: “Outspeakers”
    Or how about “Extraordinary Mouths”
    (has some excellent logo possibilities!)

  11. Turning Tricks!!!

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