Gender Outlaws for Obama: the end… or is it just the beginning?

Yesterday was a such a pisser! We started the day at 105 contributors. At 12:24 this morning (EST), Trans-blogging for Obama Day broke through our target goal of 200 pro-Trans contributors to the Obama/Biden ticket. We raised over $6000 for Obama’s campaign. AND, we accomplished this on a day that was not only the start of a Jewish High Holy Day, it was also the day that will go down in history as “Black Monday ’08.” Despite it all, we flourished. Wait… we’re trannies—we do everything with a flourish!

In the future, when I’m asked how far the transgender community has come since my day, I’ll point to these days as a great leap for trannies, and even a small step forward for the world we live in. At the level of national elections, we are invisibles no more.

Here’s how the day played out…

Ya gotta bless the Stonewall Democrats for encouraging and coordinating the day. Over a dozen trans-bloggers led the cyber-charge to the dawning of trans visibility at the level of national political campaigns. I got so excited, I chimed in with an hourly cheer from the sidelines via Twitter. I haven’t immersed myself in tranny cyberspace for years! I made new friends & allies, heard new voices of the trans world, and I hooked back up with old acquaintances. The range of our politics, the breadth of our identities, the mix of our age, race, class and religion—there was room for that kind of expression.

The best summary of the day resides (where else?) at EN|GENDER: helen boyd’s journal of gender & trans issues. EN|GENDER has grown into a valuable chunk of cyberspace. Helen has created an online space—and more importantly, she maintains that space—for a great many facets of trannydom: politics, academia, the nature of our relationships, tears, sex, spirituality and belly laughs. EN|GENDER has earned a place at the top of any tranny resource guide, and I’m giving Helen Boyd the award for yesterday’s Most Valuable Player.

Riftgirl Does Palin for ’08

The award for Best Comedy goes to riftgirl and her priceless videos. I’m a new fan. Her Palin for ’08 (above) has set the bar for tranny political satire. And in Les Does Leith for Obama, the brave, beautiful riftgirl proves she’ll stop at nothing—not even SEX—to do her bit for Obama… oh, my! Please, if you’re taking any classes in Women’s & Gender Studies, bring riftgirl’s work to your professor’s attention—she’s totally syllabus-worthy.

And This Is Just the Beginning!

Goal ThermometerI understand that the Stonewall Democrats are mulling over the idea of extending Trans-blogging Day into Trans-blogging Week. That remains to be seen. But for now — please help keep this momentum rolling. If you haven’t gotten around to it yet, please click here to become a pro-tranny for Obama contributor. If you can give a lot, well that’s just fine and GREATLY appreciated. But even $2-5 or thereabouts will tell the Obama campaign there’s a vote out here that supports transpeople and their allies, and we want to hear him speak our name as more than simply the T in LGBT.

Okay, I’m heading back to my so-called real life—finalizing and hammering out details for this season’s touring schedule. My plan is to tour my butt off from October through to the end of November. I’m devoting December through January, and most of February to finishing the first draft of my memoir for Seven Stories Press. We’ve now got a publication date of early spring, 2010.

My heartfelt gratitude to all my tribe for yesterday’s great ride. Our new goal is set. All we can do is become more visible.

love & respect



  1. well, thank you, miss kate.

  2. Oh my goodness, a personal hero giving me kudos?? Thanks, Kate!!!

  3. Thanks, Kate, for all your help with this! It was a total success. We’re also keeping it going by doing a membership blast focusing on the success of the day and a post at the Stonewall site. 🙂

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