Heart to Heart Coaching with Kate

I’m in the process of making yet another career change in my life and this one involves you, personally.

I write books, perform solo pieces onstage, and lecture in all sorts of venues. People frequently come up to me at a book signing, or after a performance or lecture, asking for some one-on-one time. Well, I’ve created Heart to Heart Coaching to give you that time.

What is Heart to Heart Coaching With Kate?

A coaching session is you and I talking about your life in gender. You decide what issue(s) you want to work on and what results you’d like to achieve. My job is to help you…

  • get clear about what you want
  • identify and name areas of your life where gender is causing you to suffer
  • find some immediate relief from that suffering
  • identify blocks or beliefs standing between you and the happiness you’re looking for
  • take positive action by giving you a plan tailored for your who you are, how you live, and whatever resources you’ve got in terms of available time, energy and health.

Some Things We Could Address Heart to Heart:

  • the ongoing relationship between your gender identity and your body
  • how to communicate your life in gender to friends, family, and co-workers—and when it’s appropriate to do that
  • what to do when people misgender you
  • how to resolve any conflicts raised by how your gender intersects with your age, race, class, sexuality, religion, etc.
  • understanding and naming your gender identity, and navigating that identity as it shifts and changes
  • discovering what gender really could be if it isn’t always a binary for you
  • lots of fun ways to express your gender
  • ways you can use your life in gender to ease suffering for others, and bring them some happiness

If you’re well versed in gender theory and would like to seriously nerd out, I’ll help you…

  • deepen your understanding of pomo gender theory, and discover how you can apply elements of that theory to your life in gender
  • learn how to blend elements of masculinity and femininity to a) establish a comfortable baseline gender for yourself and b) gain the ability to shift that blend on the fly in different situations
  • use your knowledge of and experience in the gender binary to apply binary-busting skills to other culturally mandated binaries such as race, age, sexuality, religion, and so on.

What’s the time commitment?

Heart to Heart Coaching does not have to be a long term commitment. Some issues may be resolved in as little as one session. More complex issues will take more time. The typical commitment is between 4 and 8 sessions, either weekly or b-weekly.

Where are the sessions held?

Heart to Heart Coaching Sessions happen right where you are. All sessions are conducted on Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, etc. or by telephone at a time convenient for you.

How do we start?

Due to the nature of this work and my writing and touring schedule, I only coach a handful of clients at a time. Reserve your place today. Simply email Kate at Kate@KateBornstein.com.