Hello, Cruel App! Yes! On yer iPhone or iPad!

Hello, Cruel World is currently back on the shelves in its 4th printing, widely available in bookstores… AND NOW it's also a shiny new app for the iPhone and iPad. I am so excited, I can't see straight.


Thanks to the awesome persistence of the loverly coders at Apollic Software, led by Daniel Siders. And thanks to my dear publisher, Seven Stories Press.

Here are just a few of the features you get for your US$ 2.99:

  • All 101 alternatives to suicide for teens, freaks, and other outlaws, laid out in nifty scroll-through cards with fun illustrations.
  • Super smooth, intuitive interface.
  • Easy choice of alternatives as rated by effectiveness, ease, and degree of safety/danger.
  • Awesome selection of alternatives by cloud.
  • Easily tag alternatives as your favorites.
  • Live link to the hashtag stayalive on Twitter.
  • The ability to email a Get Out of Hell Free card to anyone you like!
  • A list of actions you can take if you need help NOW to stay alive.

Check out some dee-lish screen shots:


I am thrilled beyond words, so I'll stop using words and just point you to the link so you can go see it for yourself:

HELLO, CRUEL WORLD APP for iPhone & iPad

(future versions of the app will be available on other platforms)

Love you to pieces, so please stay alive.

Auntie Kate


  1. woohoo! Now I just need an iphone! 😀

  2. Nothing but “alive” about you Kate. I enjoy seeing your tweets all the time.
    Safe to say that being “different” applies to soooo many conditions/frames of mind. Frankly I prefer being different–always was that rebel child. 🙂 I am sitting here mentally applauding you for being you.
    Best for Thanksgiving.

  3. I love the app! I had never heard of your book till I bought the app, now to buy the book. Thank you For creating this.

  4. Fantastic and innovative! Thank you again!

  5. Thank you for this app. It really helped when I was having a real dark day- it’s a great way of having the book close by. I think number 102 should be added- play with the app and think about all the things you could be doing 🙂 This worked to keep me safe and well, when my mind was screaming out.
    Thank you again Auntie Kate for being there!
    Dr J

  6. I love your blog!!!
    Just came across it and I wanted to say thanks. What you are doing is amazing and makes such a difference to me, and to so many others. <3

  7. I have my iPhone and I like the app on it. Also I will try to have that book that will surely be interesting to me and all others. I’m just new to your site and I like what you have here.

  8. I wish this was available on the Android app market cuz I would TOTALLY buy it…

  9. There are lots of apps which exist nowadays but I prefer to choose only those which are the best. I don’t grab the entire app because time will come that my interest on those apps will disappear.

  10. Thank you so much for doing this for Mental Illness fopr teens…What a wonderful tool to have for a teen who is thinking about tossing in the towel. Take the time to download this app if you are a teen with diagnosed mental illness. I think it would also work for adults as a great momentary distraction. Thank you again

  11. I tried to visit the site you have provided. I don’t think so if that really works; but at least it features how important iPhone apps. I will be glad if you will show us more of your featured article here in your blog.

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