it’s about you staying alive

Hello, Cruel World is my response to the incidents of September 11th, 2001; and to the terrifying government that grew up here in the name of national security. That government, and the oppressive culture it’s forwarding, is making life really difficult for a lot of sweet people in the world.

Today, on the 5th anniversary of that day, I’m dedicating the first page of my Hello, Cruel Blog as a safe, respectful forum in which readers of the book can speak, to heal, and to focus on making our freaky lives more livable.


Thank you for checking in here. I hope you keep coming back. This blog is more of a potpouri of my fevered brain, and I’m still figuring out how to use this space.

Hello, Cruel Blog is about helping each other
stick around. Please post questions, messages and comments about the
book there. I want it to be a readers’ conversation and I’m looking forward to hearing
what you’ve got to say.I want to see how a conversation amongst readers of Hello, Cruel World will transform and augment
the book to keep the material vital. I think we all need to talk
openly, respectfully and safely about alternatives to killing
Inaugurating that conversation seems like a fitting memorial to 9/11.




caveat: I’ll do my best to check in to that page as often
as I can. But (probably just like you) I’m trying to juggle a lot of stuff my life right now–booking
my 2006-07 tour
, writing a new book, maintaining this and my myspace page and then there’s my superfan membership in the Geek
Culture Forums