Off the Road, Lots to Tell

8:30am Tuesday the 25th November. I'm on Amtrack's regional train from Boston to NYC. Love trains.
Last night I performed at Northeastern University, my last college stop for 2008. I'm giving myself December thru February to finish the first draft of my memoir. So excited at the prospect! 

I'm scheduling myself some knee replacement surgery in May, so I'll have a short spring touring season. I'm now booking dates for March and April only, so if you've been thinking about bringing me to your town to speak or perform, this would be a really good time to get in touch with me about that. The best email addy to contact me about booking engagements is: on_the_road at Earthlink dot net. Write soon! 

IMG_0410I saw wondrous things, met amazing people, and made many new friends over my past 2 months on the road. This photo is from a tech rehearsal for a peformance by Bent writers in Seattle, WA. Bent is a queer writers' institute, the only one of it's kind in the world. My best guess is they are the vanguard of something akin to the Beat movement of the '50s. I'll post more about Bent and my other stops over the next few weeks. And I'm aiming to have a photo blog in place sometime in December. 

So, happy pre-Thanksgiving to you USA folks. To you and to everyone else, I hope you get to eat yummy food this coming Thursday. More soon. 

Kiss Kiss from the road,

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  1. Thanks for a super awesome performance and for the generosity of your time. We got great feedback on the event and people love your Get Out of Hell Free cards.
    I don’t think anyone (who listened) walked out of that audience without feeling just a teensy bit validated and affirmed.
    You were great and we love you!!

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