shameless self-promotion. live with it.

Katenypubliclibrary2I’m sorry. I haven’t posted here recently. I’m in the thick of booking my college, university, high school and conference touring season. I’ve been writing a fuck of a lot, just not here. I’m sorry. I am. I’m still trying to figure out how to keep this blog updated and interesting, while keeping my other online spots up to date, and still have room for a life.

I would surely appreciate your help on the having-a-life part.

Oh thank you for continuing the read. To the point: I’ve written a new somewhat cheesy but really cute and completely serviceable little flier about what I’m touring around with, and some tips on how to bring me to campus, corporation, or conference. I’m just a flexible kind of grrl. So, since that’s what I’ve written, here’s me saying to you: could you please download the following pdf file.

Download kb_newsletter_fall0607.pdf

(It’s safe, made it myself on my li’l Mac.)  and if you possibly can, please try to get it into the hands of someone who might wanna bring me out on tour and wouldn’t that be fun for everyone?

OK, thanks. I’ll try to keep these nothing-short-of-self-serving posts to a minimum. I’ll try my best.

kiss kiss