Hello, Cruel App! Yes! On yer iPhone or iPad!

Hello, Cruel World is currently back on the shelves in its 4th printing, widely available in bookstores… AND NOW it's also a shiny new app for the iPhone and iPad. I am so excited, I can't see straight.


Thanks to the awesome persistence of the loverly coders at Apollic Software, led by Daniel Siders. And thanks to my dear publisher, Seven Stories Press.

Here are just a few of the features you get for your US$ 2.99:

  • All 101 alternatives to suicide for teens, freaks, and other outlaws, laid out in nifty scroll-through cards with fun illustrations.
  • Super smooth, intuitive interface.
  • Easy choice of alternatives as rated by effectiveness, ease, and degree of safety/danger.
  • Awesome selection of alternatives by cloud.
  • Easily tag alternatives as your favorites.
  • Live link to the hashtag stayalive on Twitter.
  • The ability to email a Get Out of Hell Free card to anyone you like!
  • A list of actions you can take if you need help NOW to stay alive.

Check out some dee-lish screen shots:


I am thrilled beyond words, so I'll stop using words and just point you to the link so you can go see it for yourself:

HELLO, CRUEL WORLD APP for iPhone & iPad

(future versions of the app will be available on other platforms)

Love you to pieces, so please stay alive.

Auntie Kate

Twibal Ponderings On Mean

Responses to the query, What Does Mean Mean? from my Twitter twibe.

RT @ponyonabalcony: Those are variable. Some people steal for need. I think #mean requires intent to harm in a non-role-play non-controlled way.

RT @aboutsexuality: glad ur unpacking #mean ISN’T do unto others, i talk about it as a “sense of goodwill”, a desire to work with, not against.

RT @suzzzanna: Unkind. #Mean

RT @redsonika: To me, don’t be mean = don’t do something that you KNOW ahead of time will hurt someone else.

RT @rgarc8785: alexa used/copied parts of my idty and life as their own. That’s #mean to me.

RT @MollzieD: I think it is all about your intentions. If you intend to harm some1 w/ words/actions, u r being mean.

RT @aravain: I think being #mean HAS to have intent otherwise being selfish which is sometimes part of trying to #stayalive, would be mean

RT @LauraVogel: IMHO, it’s when that which makes you feel good primarily does so because it (non-consensually) hurts another. #mean

RT @JosephLobdell: #mean inc imo aspects of pettiness, makg ppls’ lives smaller, contracted, as well as one’s own. Enforcing discouragement.

RT @hootlord: Intent to harm is important! But hurting w/o intent and refusing to confront it to make amends is just as #mean

RT @jaimealyse: I think #mean means intent to harm. Or disregard, at least, about harming/hurting.

RT @sbearbergman: Don’t do things you know, suspect, or intend will hurt others, even if it makes you feel better/bigger for a minute.  #Mean

RT @sbearbergman: I do best at avoiding #mean when I remember: I don’t want to be someone who acts like that.

RT @semacbeth: to me someone being #mean is when they are being malicious for the soul purpose of being hurtful.

RT @ramblingmads: not causing physical or emotional pain or hurt to another. #Mean

RT @mnome: being #mean is when you don’t think about how your actions affect others, or don’t care.

RT @Sarahgoat: #Mean=hurting another intentionally or recklessly, also doing so negligently and not regreting own actions.