Thank you… who?

ThankyoucherubThe gender workbook update is written and laid out in a final draft—everything but the acknowledgements. Since this is a crowdsourced book, I've thanked YOU in the dedication—yep, it's dedicated to twibe. Now, I'm asking for your input one last time: who deserves thanks?

You helped teach me, so now I want to know who taught you, because I want to thank them properly too. Please leave a SHORT comment here, or better yet tweet me with names of people—they can be friends, professors, parents, siblings, novelists, pornographers, SciFi show, storytellers, mentors, alive, dead, or in some other state of existence we don't know about yet. Angels, saints, and demons count. So do friendly faeries, elves, hobbits and so on. Who helped you on your sex and gender journeys? 

Wow. It's all done except for this.


So, please: let me know who I should be thanking for the awesomeness that is YOUR fabulous sexuality and gender. Clock is ticking. Deadline for thank you's is noon (EDT) tomoro, Saturday, July 7. If you tweet your answer, please use the hashtag #MNGW (My New Gender Workbook).

kiss kiss

Auntie Kate



  1. Laurell K Hamilton (novelist), fairies, strangers, and YOU, Ms. Bornstein!!!

  2. Dr. Scott Morgensen.

  3. Kate Bornstein, my mentor Sanford Wyse, and the show Firefly.

  4. Julie Andrews aka Victoria Grant aka Victor Grazinski.
    Kate Bornstein.
    Anne Fausto-Sterling.
    Thomas W. Laqueur.

  5. Sandy Stone for being very brave.

  6. Kate Bornstein
    The ladies of
    Amanda Palmer
    Neil Gaiman’s books
    Tamora Pierce’s books
    Angela Carter
    Tegan & Sara
    My boyfriend (as messed up as I am)
    My mother (who is awesome)
    All of those who forged a path with their bravery, courage and strength of heart.

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