The Voice Lesson

KbmicHere’s a fun piece I do, called "The Voice Lesson." It’s the story of how I learned to "talk like a woman" when I first went through my gendah change. It’s a trans-positive, feminist funny take on how women are expected to talk in our cultcha.

This is a slide show, with full audio. I’ve posted the video on my MySpace site. Wanna see? Click right here. xoxo Kate


  1. hi my name is edith i am 14 years old I am from Poland in europe. Yo are sendo to me on this e mail

  2. thank you edith. i’ve sent you a low resolution copy, and a link to download a higher resolution copy.

  3. heya kate, i hope that you haven’t abandoned this blog quite yet!
    when my partner and i ran across your new book (having forgotten the release date) at phoenix books, we hopped up and down a lot – which may or may not have helped my partner get a job at one of their sibling stores. 😀
    i know it can be a drag, the “oh, darn, i should update that blog sometime, but it’s been sooo long so i’ll put it off just one more day,” but really? ya should. (solemn nod)

  4. Come back, Kate! We need you!
    Peas and hominy,

  5. I will do as puck and Dharmashanti and beg some… I really hope that you will find the time and energy to update your blog. We are many that misses you.

  6. Kate – the Voice Lesson video doesn’t seem to be on your myspace site any more. It sounds wonderful – is there some way to see it?
    Hope all’s well in Kateland.

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