1. Brilliant, Kate, simply wonderful.
    Thank you!

  2. It’s scary when *anyone* goes into “Valley Girl” mode…including Valley Girls.

  3. Great.
    Watching this got me listening to ‘The Ugly One With The Jewels.’ And there’s a story she tells about being with some nuns who use their high sing-song-y voices to ask favors of a male God.

  4. kate bornstein

    i love that voice lession!
    (follow the link and enjoy)
    es gäbe viel zu kate bornstein zu sagen, aber erstmal muss ihre voice lession für sich sprechen.

  5. kate bornstein

    hier gehts zu kate bornstein, die ich ber diese voice lession kennen und lieben gelernt habe.
    einfach anhren!

  6. Spot-on Laurie Anderson at the end, but of course. I couldn’t stop laughing, imagining your voice lesson experience as narrated by Laurie Anderson in retrospect like in “Let X=x.” You are a beautiful human being. Thank you so much for this site.

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