Twibal Ponderings On Mean

Responses to the query, What Does Mean Mean? from my Twitter twibe.

RT @ponyonabalcony: Those are variable. Some people steal for need. I think #mean requires intent to harm in a non-role-play non-controlled way.

RT @aboutsexuality: glad ur unpacking #mean ISN’T do unto others, i talk about it as a “sense of goodwill”, a desire to work with, not against.

RT @suzzzanna: Unkind. #Mean

RT @redsonika: To me, don’t be mean = don’t do something that you KNOW ahead of time will hurt someone else.

RT @rgarc8785: alexa used/copied parts of my idty and life as their own. That’s #mean to me.

RT @MollzieD: I think it is all about your intentions. If you intend to harm some1 w/ words/actions, u r being mean.

RT @aravain: I think being #mean HAS to have intent otherwise being selfish which is sometimes part of trying to #stayalive, would be mean

RT @LauraVogel: IMHO, it’s when that which makes you feel good primarily does so because it (non-consensually) hurts another. #mean

RT @JosephLobdell: #mean inc imo aspects of pettiness, makg ppls’ lives smaller, contracted, as well as one’s own. Enforcing discouragement.

RT @hootlord: Intent to harm is important! But hurting w/o intent and refusing to confront it to make amends is just as #mean

RT @jaimealyse: I think #mean means intent to harm. Or disregard, at least, about harming/hurting.

RT @sbearbergman: Don’t do things you know, suspect, or intend will hurt others, even if it makes you feel better/bigger for a minute.  #Mean

RT @sbearbergman: I do best at avoiding #mean when I remember: I don’t want to be someone who acts like that.

RT @semacbeth: to me someone being #mean is when they are being malicious for the soul purpose of being hurtful.

RT @ramblingmads: not causing physical or emotional pain or hurt to another. #Mean

RT @mnome: being #mean is when you don’t think about how your actions affect others, or don’t care.

RT @Sarahgoat: #Mean=hurting another intentionally or recklessly, also doing so negligently and not regreting own actions.