Whoops…. I’m Healthy!

My friend, Helen Boyd just now pointed out the embarrassing fact that I’ve not posted a follow-up blog to the announcement of my surgery this past summer and some people are worried about me. SORRY! I’M JUST FINE! See, this is a picture of sassy, healthy me! (photo by Jamie Ann, a new friend of mine in Minneapolis.)Kb_by_jamie_ann_2

The surgery went GREAT! My surgeon calls me his poster girl for success. Honest, he said that right in his crowded waiting room. I love my surgeon. He embraced the New Age affirmations I got from the book, Prepare For Surgery, Heal Faster. He credits the book for my fast, successful recovery. He’s even recommending it to other patients now (the ones he thinks can deal with it).

The hospital staff, doctors, nurses, physician assistants, everyone at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York—with one or two inevitable exceptions (shit happens)—were kind to me. I gave out about two dozen copies of the (downloadable) comic book I’d prepared ahead of time, and it made people laugh.

Beth Israel Medical Center has a policy to give trannies a private room for post-surgical care. After I got over my paranoia of ghettoization, I begrudgingly enjoyed my at-no-extra-charge private room!

I’m eating well now… anything I want to eat!! No more worries about food restrictions. And my energy level is nearly back to FULL. So, I’m sorry I didn’t post this earlier. I’m doing fine. Thank you to everyone who’s been concerned.



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  1. I adore the comic book, and I’m sure they adored you too…
    Glad you’re healthy.

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