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Go Deeper with Kate:

Heart to Heart Coaching with Kate

What is Heart to Heart Coaching? A coaching session is you and I talking about your life in gender. You decide what issue(s) you want to work on and what results you’d like to achieve. My job is to help you…

  • get clear about what you want
  • identify and name areas of your life where gender is causing you to suffer
  • find some immediate relief from that suffering
  • identify blocks or beliefs standing between you and the happiness you’re looking for
  • take positive action by giving you a plan tailored for your who you are, how you live, and whatever resources you’ve got in terms of available time, energy and health.

Virtual Group Workshops with Kate

In March, I’m rolling out a whole new kind of community support, Group Workshops! I’ll be hosting monthly topical group sessions for those looking for support around specific gender-related challenges. Receive individual support in a community setting full of validation, care, and play.