It Takes More Than a Knife in My Guts to Keep Me Down!

Hey there.

Just a quick note to say I’m back home from my major abdominal surgery in the hospital, and I’m doing well by all medical standards. I’m deeply grateful for the many calls, notes, comments, and text messages wishing me good health. And I rejoice that I continue to be surrounded and supported by family and tribe. As soon as I get my brain free of all this anesthesia and dynamite pain-killers, I’ll try to put a real piece up here.

OK, I love you. I do.


PS — Special kisses to the participants and attendees of Trans Pride 08 in Northampton, Transfabulous 08 in London, and the San Francisco Trans March coming up the end of this month. I’m sorry I couldn’t attend.

PPS — My regrets also to the Boston Dyke March 08, and the upcoming Femme Conference in Chicago this summer. Wish I could be there. Maybe a rain check?

PPPS — Lots of warm hugs and best wishes to all the youth—my hosts and hostesses—who’ve made me feel welcome in their schools, at their conferences, and on their campuses these past years. And kisses to my fabulous family in both Norway and Ireland. Love you lots, and hope to see you again sooner than later.



  1. Dear Kate,
    Wishing you lots and lots of happy rainbow love and healing energy. The world is so much brighter for you being in it.
    <3 Ariel
    p.s. please send me a lil' e-hi if you can. it would help. kisses

  2. Dearest, gorgeous, incredible Kate…
    SO relieved to hear you’re out of hospital and feeling a bit better. All kisses gratiously received here in Ireland, a million more back to you from all of us! Sending you love and healing for a speedy recovery! -Leslie 😀 xxxxx

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