My ’09-10 Holidaze Card For You

KB-holidaze-card-09-10 Happy holidaze. Right this minute, I'm on the home stretch for writing the first draft of my memoir, Kate Bornstein Is A Queer And Pleasant Danger. This is an image I made to remind myself to write from my heart. I figure that if you're reading this, you're a writer too. You write books or a blog, articles, journals, FaceBook updates, email, tweets—whatever—you write. 

So, here's my holidaze card for the writer you are. If you click on the image, it'll open into a full-sized mini-poster, 8 inches by 10 inches, at a high enough resolution to print. I figure the more that all of us write from our hearts, the better off the intertubes will be for our writing. 

Happy holidaze, dearest hearts, with love and respect from

Your Aunt Kate


  1. thanks! that’s a kind thing to do.

  2. kate bornstein, i keep asking the internet for your email address and it keeps not helping. i find this to be most frustrating because i have an email all written for you! plz advise.

  3. Im easiest to reach on Twitter, where my name is @katebornstein.

  4. May I say, I might be in love with you. I saw you at the midwest meeting… I must say you are a wonderful soul and you are amazing. You seem so similiar to most of the friends i keep. Also your book is amazing =) I would love for you to add me on facebook,

  5. Thank you for visiting Winnipeg, Manitoba! We’re very grateful for your presence here.

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