What’s Important To Know About People In Your Life?

New peeps  I sent this tweet out this morning:

Twibe: What r some of the most important things u want 2 know abt a new person in yr life? (whether a love/sex interest or not). 

By day's end I got a whole slew of answers and I think they're important enough to share with you.

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@danseparc:  I want to know zir dreams, zir view of the world, zir passions, zir joys, and zir sorrows. What inspires zir to DO-FEEL-LOVE.

@queerfatfemme:  Their reputation for being an ethical member of our community. Have been burned in life & love by people w/ a scorched path.

@whateversusan:  I'd want to know what a person loves, I think… and what they remember. But I'm so bad with people, I don't know

@eugenetapdance:  I need to know that they're kind and that they don't believe in being willfully ignorant.

@gnesbitt:  i would want to know how open-minded they are, and whether they have a positive attitude about the world in general

@Wylddelirium:  That they have a hungry sense of curiosity, a drive for adventure, a developed sense of ethics, and is kind to most.

@AmalgamGlass:  are they honest with me & themselves.

@glitterbomber:  I want to know if they act more out of compassion than anger cause that's the soof person for me.

@Mollena:  I need to know that 1) they are compassionate 2 …they can listen, and *hear* me. 3) …they love red velvet cake.

@AliceSinAerie:  I want to know if they have a sense of humor, integrity & what they enjoy in life

@scoutout:  Whadda I wanna know bout nu person? Do people I respect respect them? (aka are they changing the world?) If so, cool.

@steph_infection:  Can I trust them? (And that's not always easy to figure out, sadly.)

@lilithvf1998:  I'd want to know how they perceive the world and what makes them feel alive. People are boring outside of these nuances. 🙂

@adamfishpoet:  it's old-fashioned, I know, but I always like to make sure they're not armed. srsly, I always check that ppl are smart & have a sense of humour. 

@kwalsham:  I'm with @firefaunx – how they react to/treat those society deems inferior

@jaymgates:  I want to know if they are willing to take their life into their own hands and make their own dreams come true.

@sandykidd:  Do they read for pleasure? I can connect with almost everyone who loves to read. Bonus question: Love science? Lol

@LuciaBlowPop:  the more i know the better in almost every circumstance

@ammre:  what is important to them. That shows where their motivation in life is

@polerin:  If they laugh, and if I'll have too keep my mouth shut (about social/political issues)

@NJrugger45:  want to know are they compassionate, do they care abt social justice, what do they read, who do they call family?

@firefaunx:  how they treat animals and old people, mostly.

@SheIsAnarchy003:  i want to know their level of tolerance, meaning i can be tough to love sometimes and i need to know if they are patient. i also need to know what their police record looks like..haha

@nikolasco: Favorite board games. Seriously.

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  1. So, this is pretty random, but I just suggested to a friend that “Kate Bornstein has made a life’s work of being a matron of a particular side of the broader queer movement.” And, when I was reading back over my sent e-mail I realized that it is perhaps somewhat impudent of me to make that assertion. Even if it is my honest, albeit atypically situated, perspective. . . . Right. So, I think I’m asking for either retro-active permission or forgiveness.
    p.s. Sorry to be so off topic. Didn’t know where else to put this.

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