Sign of the Transgender Times

I’m at the University of Vermont, attending the 7th Annual Translating Identities Conference. Highest ever attendance: 700 queers and allies. The school was also hosting a day for prospective students and their families on the same day, in the same building. We were all treated to this signage. What joy!

UVM isn’t the only school to have instituted gender neutral bathrooms. Far from it. But this sign is the most out loud and proud reflection I’ve seen of the progress we’re making. Queer students, staff, faculty and administrators around the USA have been working together to make life easier for the in increasingly large campus population of transfolk.

If you’ve got a picture of gender neutral signage on your campus or in your company, please post a link in the comments section, or let me know you’ve got one and I’ll post it here. Yay UVM queers and allies!!

Kisses from the road,



  1. well, what about this one? a friend of mine created it.
    love Judith, misster and merman

  2. This makes me so happy! Thank you for posting!

  3. My new school turned the old male and female washrooms into two gender neutral ones. It’s f*cking sexy. I’m so, so, so, excited about the prospect of being able to pee when I need to and not just ‘whenever i can/it’s safe’.

  4. LOL. i must see that is that a photo shop work?

  5. baer — nope, it’s the real sign at University of Vermont. Check out their annual Translating Identity Conference. xoxo K

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