I wanna be a girl just like Sarah Palin! I do, sort of.

As a male to female trans person, I’ve had the opportunity to more or less pick the kind of girl I wanted to become—or at least navigate my life in that direction. And just look at Sarah Palin! She’s a corn-fed, gosh-and-golly perky, petite, pretty, and feisty girl from heartland America. I grew up as a chubby, egghead, clumsy Jewish boy on the Jersey shore. Of course I’ve navigated my life in the direction of something funner—like Sally Field, or Julia Roberts… and Sarah Palin.

The moose killing, not so much. I kill the occasional mosquito, that’s about it. The woman-hating, not so much. My journey to girl was guided by some swell feminists,and that’s how I see the world now. And the religious fundamentalism? No. I’m a fan of separation of church and state. Besides, people like Sarah Palin think that people like me are sinners in the hands of an angry god. And I don’t want anyone’s angry hands on me, or on any of my tribe.

A friend of mine sent me this video by Eve Ensler. Eve’s someone else I’ve modeled my girlhood on.

So, sure… I wanna be a girl like Sarah Palin, all pert and aw shucks and flirty. But I’d wanna be a woman like Eve Ensler, for her political smarts, artistic talent, and the energy she’s got for her tireless pursuit of equity for women. For the full text of the video, just navigate your life over to Eve Ensler’s post on The Huffington Post.

kiss kiss, you betcha